The Conform and Inform luminaires revolve around comfort. Both were created specifically for task areas such as landscape offices, reception desks, meeting rooms and home offices. Explore a new range of next level office lighting with state of the art LED technology that boosts human activity and stimulates human well-being.


The Inform family is an extensive range of linear and curved lighting solutions, designed to be used in applications that include task areas, like landscape offices, meeting rooms, reception desks, home office,… Areas which need technical architectural lighting at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance. The base of this family is a combination of Delta Light’s Melanopic Light Technology® (MLT) with high efficient louvre optics, a proven reflector technology dating from the days fluorescent tubes ruled the world.


Conform is designed around the light. It not only perfectly embraces the light source, it reinforces it in multiple aspects. Conform uses Delta Light’s Natural Light Technology® (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun. That includes a broader spectrum, which is preferable for the human eye and brings out the vibrant colours, and an enhanced cyan energy, boosting the human activity.