Although developed for hospitality, these new luminaires are equally at home in residential projects. With their sophisticated feminine designs that fits in any interior setting, energy-conscious technology and flexible functions, these products answer to the needs of the most demanding hotel projects. When applied in private homes, they create an elegant hotel suite feel.


Its elegant design in combination with the frisky colour combinations transform Pion immediately into the queen of the room, overlooking the scenery. Like any jewel, the colourful tubes serve as an accessory to top off its feminine shape in style. 


Don’t be fooled: Odron may look peculiar at first sight, nevertheless its specific design is intended to create a compact yet powerful lighting solution. A second look puts everything in perspective: the flat design of the disc in combination with the shallow base results in a highly functional luminaire within a limited height of 45mm. 


Add some body to the room with Bowie, it impresses through its spherical shape. Twist and turn, tilt and aim, Bowie will always look the same, whatever its direction and no matter the angle you look at it. Bowie in pure white or black easily fits in any interior and adds a touch of richness to the room. Within its range, Bowie comes as a semi-recessed Clip version, as a single or double spotlight to be surface mounted or as module to fit into our magnetic profile offer.