Partou? Oui oui! The Partou family has countless application possibilities, as it combines round and square shapes, fix and adjustable luminaires and offers an IP44 protection rate from below. Easy to fit in everywhere – partout in French -, from residential to hospitality, from dining room to bathroom.
The clever design of Partou offers a multitude of finishing options on 1 and the same LED module. Complete your LED module with the cover you want: round or square, small or bigger, white, black or a black-dark chrome combination for an optimal visual comfort, the choice is up to you!

Family Overview

choose your colour

White or Black,
Black-Dark chrome combination for improved visual comfort

choose your shape

Mini Partou

Fix or adjustable

Partou Square

choose your power
5,9W / 606lm

8,7W / 896lm
choose your optics
18° / 25° / 37°