In our new collection we are taking it to the next level, crossing borders, raising the bar. We reach out to new materials, challenge existing shapes and focus on the multisensorial aspect of lighting as a tool, and as a system. Light, and much more.


Reflections is a series of adventures in luminaire design. Each creation is an expression of craftsmanship, light, technology, texture, shape and mood. Explore the newest designs in the poetic range. 


Light is essential to makes homes and buildings as welcoming by night as by day. In our new collection we present you with new designs and technology for a sophisticated outdoor scheme.


The Conform and Inform luminaires revolve around comfort. Both were created specifically for task areas such as landscape offices, reception desks, meeting rooms and home offices. Explore a new range of next level office lighting with state of the art LED technology that boosts human activity and stimulates human well-being.


Although developed for hospitality, these new luminaires are equally at home in residential projects. With their sophisticated feminine designs that fits in any interior setting, energy-conscious technology and flexible functions, these products answer to the needs of the most demanding hotel projects. When applied in private homes, they create an elegant hotel suite feel. 

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